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Consignment Keeper

Like many projects I have created since opening Divrsion, I built Consignment Keeper out of necessity.

For my sanity, I built a simple system to keep track of consignment purchases so that I could payout the customer who sold their items when the sale was over. The idea was simple:

  1. When a customer brings in a game, we assign them a number.

  2. We will attach removable labels to each game with that number and a price.

  3. During a sale, we enter the customer number from the label, the name, and the price into the system.

This process gave us a little more accountability while making the sale.

We are officially on the second version of this app, which has worked wonderfully for us. It now has a lot of new features:

  • List all customers in a single list

  • Keep track of payouts for each customer

  • Print game labels for a customer

  • Print transaction lists for each customer

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